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RAINBOW Always Catch A Cold Ritchie Cover TARANTURA NEW

Our Selling Price: US$79.99 (tax incl.)
[Not available] Weight: 90g
TitleAlways Catch A Cold Cozy Cover
Catalog NumberRainbow-26R
Released Year/CountryJapan Released
ConditionDisc:Sealed /Insert:Sealed / OBI:---
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Cozy Cover!!!
RAINBOW "Always Catch A Cold"
-1 CD, Gatefold paper sleeve.
2 def covers, 100 limited numbered each.

12 Oct. 1979
International Amphitheater
Chicago IL U.S.A.

01. Introduction
02. Count Down
03. Over The Rainbow
04. Eyes Of The World
05. Love's No Friend
06. Bach Brandenburg Concerto
07. Over The Rainbow
08. All Night Long
09. Keyboards Intro
10. Lost In Hollywood
11. Guitar Solo
12. Lost In Hollywood
13. Beethoven 9th
14. Keyboards Solo
15. Drums Solo
16. 1812 Overture
17. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
18. Kill The King 
19. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll 
20. MC
21. DJ Outro.


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